Our Story

Dave and Barb are Hospice volunteer musicians and also play music at other healthcare facilities. We are inspired to share our music in the hopes that we might be able to comfort an aching heart or lift up a weary soul. Our inspiration has grown from our own personal heartaches, as we both lost our spouses several years ago.

Music can be gentle, yet powerful...we hope that our harmonies will help you feel a peace and an energy that all is well, even if just for a moment.

Below are some of our songs.

Autumn Leaves
A well known jazz ballad.
Probably Leonard Cohen's best know work.
Over The Rainbow
Everyone knows this song.
Scarbough Fair
A traditional folk song made famous by Simon & Garfunkel.
El Condor Pasa
Another song by Simon & Garfunkel.
Fly Me To The Moon
A jazz standard and one of my favorites to play.
My Heart Will Go On
An inspirational tune from the movie "The Titanic"
You Raise Me Up
Another inspirational tune.
Go Rest High On That Mountain
Another inspirational tune, written by Vince Gill.


Till There Was You
One of the few song the Beattles did but didn't write.
The Beattles DID write this one.
Unchained Melody
One of the most often recorded songs of the 20th century. A hint. Did you ever go to the drive-in with your date in the 60's and you didn't watch the movie? Yep. It's romantic.
America The Beautiful
We all know this one.
Ava Maria
A beautiful song.
Summertime - A movie
Hope you like it.